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After blenheim questions & answers

In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of The Old Man at the Bridge and An Angel in Disguise so, you can check these posts as well.

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(a) Why did Kaspar praise the Duke of Marlbrough and Prince Eugene?

Answer: Old Kaspar praised the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene because under their rule the English were able to defeat the French in the battle of Blenheim. According to Old Kaspar, it was a grand and a famous victory worthy of praise.

(b) What was the ‘wicked thing’? Why was it wicked?

Answer: According to Wilhelmine war was ‘wicked’. It was wicked because she could not understand and tolerate the old man’s point of view and praise of war when it had caused such great misery.

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(c) Who was Wilhelmine? Why was she horrified by the account of war given by her grandfather?

Answer: Wilhelmine was Old Kaspar’s granddaughter. She was horrified by her grandfather’s praise of war and has a natural and instinctive response to war. She calls it a ‘wicked thing’ and does not agree with her grandfather’s conventional views.

(d) There are two pauses in the line – “Nay…nay…my little girl,” quoth he. What do these pauses show?

Answer: The pauses show that Old Kaspar is also confused when Wilhelmine calls war wicked. He has no justification for it and only repeats what has been told to him by people that the battle of Blenheim was a famous victory.

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(e) What is the message of the poem?

Answer: After Blenheim is an anti-war poem that uses an ironic structure to give the message that war is futile and it should not be praised. Thousands of soldiers and ordinary people are killed, wounded or maimed. Houses are burnt, people become homeless and suffer physical and mental anguish. The difference in viewpoints of the old and new generation is brought forth to highlight the horrible consequences of war.

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