Bài tập word form nâng cao có đáp án

1. Scientists from Russia, America and Japan have recently filled the periodic table’s seventh row with four _________ chemical elements. (HEAVE)

2. It is a misconception that _________ human blood is blue. (OXYGEN)

3. The house is painted in such a(n) _________ style. (SAVOUR)

4. In this modern day, you have to keep yourself _________ so as not to lag behind others. (DATE)

5. This book is _________. You can find information about the varieties of plants around the world here. (EMBRACE)

6. The little rainfall ________ a poor crop for farmers in this village. (BODE)

7. That word is such a(n) ________. It is not easy to pronouce at all. (JAW)

8. _________ and disinfectants are widely used in hospital to kill the bacteria. (SEPTIC)

9. Due to the prolonged _________, the goods arrived later than we had expected. (CONTENT)

10. Found in ________ condition, the house is intended to be demolished. (DOWN)

11. ________ of violence has been possible by means of television. (DOCTRINE)

12. He laid his desk _________. It is untidily filled with all kinds of stuff. (HEAP)

13. It is ________ that he will press ahead with his project. Nothing can prevent him. (ODD)

14. X-rays, known as a form of ________, are widely utilized nowadays to diagnose medical conditions. (RADIAL)

15. His misunderstanding of the situation resulted in his _________. Everyone could make out the embarassing remarks on his face. (COMPOSE)

16. The minister _________ the fight against hunger in his opening speech. (ACCENT)

17. Even the most _________ equipment cannot replace the role of the teachers in the future. (ART)

18. America is considered one of the biggest _________ in the world. (POWER)

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19. The water ________ in the building is of great concern. It can damage the walls if not managed properly and timely. (FILL)

20. He took off his hat and a pigeon flew out. It was ________ a trick. (GUILE)

21. In a _________ manner, he stepped into the room and shouted at the top of his voice. (DOUBT)

22. You should not assess a situation from such a(n) ________ side. (LATERAL)

23. The homless woman pleaded for a shelter from the rain in a(n) _________ tone. (PASSION)

24. The man reported than he had seen a(n) _________ object, which might well be a UFO. (EGG)

25. The coal cellar needs to be equipped with _________ system in order to prevent suffocation. (VENT)

26. The advent of Internet is an important __________ in human history. (MARK)

27. His face showed the remark of _________ even when we were talking about seriously. ( FLIP)

28. What you know is rather __________. And it is unfair to judge just through a cursory glance. (FACIES)

29. Moving _________ is moving in a direction opposite to the direction the hands of the clock moves. (CLOCK)

30. Reta is studying animal __________ at the Oxford university. (GENE)

31. The crews fortuitously dicovered a __________ in the ship’s cool chamber. (STOW)

32. The man was _________ on a medal for bravely taking a child out of the burning house. (STOW)

33. The report has _________ the cause of global warming in the past decades. (POINT)

34. It may take more than a month to deliver our car from Germany to VietNam as it is _________. (SHIP)

35. “Titanic” is an example of _________ romance. (SHIP)

36. The machine cannot work properly as a direct result of _________. (ALIGN)

37. There used to be a __________ in Quang Tri, whose remains now become a historical site. (HOLD)

38. Andy was ___________ from the volunteer group due to his poor attitude. (COMMUNICATE)

39. I was so ____________ that even a spider scared me. (KNEE)

40. The government ____________ its responsibility in the leakage of confidential information. (NEGATE)

41. Try not to be ___________ even if you are tremendously successful. (VAIN)

42. Bob is a(n) ___________ of an intelligent student. (TYPE)

43. The goverment’s policy to soothe the anger among people was ___________. It should have happened earlier. (CHRONOLOGY)

44. Tom’s collection is such a(n) ___________. There is no connection between things. (MASH)

45. I was completely ___________ by the fact that he was going to get married. (MUSE)

46. Sleeping during day and working when night comes sounds seemingly __________. (SCIENCE)

47. I question whether a spectacle so fantastic and impressive was ever dealtwith, even in the pages of __________ fiction. (SCIENCE)

48. Adam’s gait is a(n) __________ for his strong personality. (WORD)

49. The apricot blossom __________ during spring. (GERM)

50. In an _________ world, people have to change to get into the swing of the environment. (EVOLVE)

51. I __________ the distance from my house to the Ann’s hospital and arrived there rather late. (RECK)

52. Harry Porter’s personality is successfully ___________ by J.K.Rowling throughout her series. (LINE)

53. Your __________ saying last night could hurt other people’s feelings although you might not intend to say so. (SENSE)

54. What Thuy Minh said has provoked violent __________ from critics as well as celebrities. (BLAST)

55. You are becoming a(n) ___________. Just go outside and see what happens. (LAY)

56. A ___________ is an instrument that separates light into a frequency spectrum and records the signal using a camera. (SPECTRUM)

57. Cindy showed ___________ support at Josh’s project. She always believes him. (FALTER)

58. Securing a ___________ job is most people’s dreams. (CLERK)

59. This place is an ___________ zone, which is restricted to people who work in the Parliamentary House only. (EXCLUDE)

60. He was ___________ by the darkness and got lost in the forest. (NIGHT)

61. He was ___________ with intelligence but he tried hard to make up for it. (ENDOW)

62. Any ___________ gimmicks are forbidden in this competition. (MALICE)

63. Surely all women must have ___________ instinct or the human race would die out. (MOTHER)

64. Putting up with noise coming from the neighbor is probably the most ____________ thing. (TO)

65. The leader was taken into custody, which brought an end to the _____________. (SURGE)

66. The spectacular view of Sa Pa has _____________ many visitors. (RAPTURE)

67. Andy has received such _____________ fame after he tried himself in the school’s play. (WONT)

68. The aridity in that area _____________ a poor crop. (TOKEN)

69. Some people argue that money has _____________ football. (BASE)

70. This remote village bore the _____________ of the storm. (PREDATOR)

71. “People” is a ____________ word. (SYLLABLE)

72. The young boy was _____________ by the two men who then asked the innocent for money. (WAY)

73. Taking that old lady for a ride is _____________. (CONSCIENCE)

74. To achieve the _____________ logic, you have to employ certain techniques of using connectives like ‘and’, ‘or’ in the right place within the sentence. (SENTENCE)

75. This chair is almost too ____________, so replace it with a new one! (ANNUAL)

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76. Underground nuclear _____________ are believed to have been carried out. (TONE)

77. The opponents of nuclear power may object to the scheme for some ______________ reasons. (MENTION)

78. Every point in his speech is _____________, which allows the audience to follow easily. (PERSPEX)

79. The ______________ is used to measured the smallest things! (MICRO)

80. His ______________ talking annoys the teachers a lot. (TERMINAL)

81. Many ______________ policies have come into force to boost the economic development. (BUSINESS)

82. A(n) _____________ schedule assists me in passing the day smoothly. (ARRANGE)

83. Allowing yourself anything you like makes you a ____________ figure. (INDULGE)

84. Mary ______________ with her husband about his budget this month. (POSTULATE)

85. It is impossible to _______________ his excellence at work. (SAY)

86. People in coastal area live mainy on the ______________, which allows them to earn a great deal of money from the sea products (CULTURE)

87. People felt a great pity for the time spent to see such a(n) _____________ film. (ABYSS)

88. Every book has a ______________ including what the authors say about their masterpiece. (WORD)

89. I cannot imagine why there are such ______________ people in this world. Don’t they feel any sympathy for the homeless? (HEART)

90. I will bring my unbrella along on the _____________ that it rains. (CHANCE)

91. The dramatic decrease in the ________________ of this factory can be a direct result of underpayment. (PUT)

92. The contaminated drinking water in Flint, Michigan can cause ______________ consequences. (LIFE)

93. It is a _____________ fact that the vegeterian sausages were invented during World War I. (KNOW)

94. His recent unpredictable mood ____________ him from his friends. (STRANGE)

95. I was ______________ and fell in love with her immediately at first sight. (LOVE)

96. The camera must be clean with a soft ____________ cloth. Otherwise, the water will permeate and cause damage. (WRING)

97. His recent ups and downs made the criminal more ____________ than ever. (BITE)

98. John Cena used to be in his _____________ in WWE but since his dislocation, he had to leave for operation and it would take him a long time to make a full recovery. (DAY)

99. Bats use ______________ to navigate in the dark when hunting prey. (LOCATION)

100. He was lying, indicated by the _______________ sign that his hands were shivering. (TELL)

101. Thanks to the _____________ at the bottom of the page, the Chinese-VietNamese poem becomes more accessible. (NOTE)

102. The dog seems rather _______________; it must not have been fed for days. (SEE)

103. ________________ injection is the most common way to inject drugs. (VEIN)

104. _________________ medication brings about a quick relief but it is not recommended for long-term treatment. (ACT)

105. Ivan’s camera now ________________ because he carelessly dropped it into the pool. (FUNCTION)

106. Mary told the doctor about her stomach’s ________________. It didn’t seem to work properly. (FUNCTION)

107. A cock roach can continue to live for a few days even if it is ________________. (CAPITA)

108. Their house is decorated in such a _________________ way so that it fit in with other houses. (DESCRIBE)

109. ________________ people are strong and healthy ones who can make a living on their own. (BODY)

110. I spent the whole evening _______________ my messy house. (CLUTTER)

111. Remember to read every _______________ in the contract because it can be a trap for the unwary. (PRINT)

112. I did my project in my own way, not in a ________________ one. (TREAD)

113. From six o’clock _______________, I’m home! (ON)

114. Some of the ________________ and __________________ regions in Somalia have adopted distinctive symbols , including flags, while others continue to use the Somali flag. (DEPEND/AUTONOMY)

115. A(n) _________________ disease is one that will gradually deteriorate the functioning of any one part in your body. (GENERATE)

116. It is widely known that judges have _________________ powers. (DISCRETION)

117. The little boy left his hand-made boat _______________ on the river. (DRIFT)

118. The students are ________________ seperated into 3 differnt classes. (QUALIFY)

119. He suffered from headaches as an _______________ of his accident. (AFFECT)

120. The renown that Michael Jackson gained for himself is almost ________________. (SUPERIOR)

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121. Viet Nam used to be ________________ into two seperate areas, with the border being Gianh river. (MASS)

122. The walls were _________________ with colors, which make it so beautiful. (STRIPE)

123. A bottle of cooled water had __________________ effects on us after a long walk. (VIGOR)

124. Hand ________________ is accused of including BBA, which can cause many health problems. (SANITARY)

125. Their trouble is __________________. They themselves made the situation worse. (INFLICT)

126. The _________________ inside our bodies is a complex system. (MUSCLE)

127. I do not understand why Adriana was so ________________ at last night’s party. She is usually clever and tactical when meeting people. (ADROIT)

128. Viet Nam went through _________________ process and became an independent country. (COLONY)

129. Most findings about the universe are ________________ because of the lack of evidence. (DETERMINE)

130. A(n) __________________ is used to measure the level of alcohol in one’s blood from a breath sample. (BREATH)

131. Laptops nowadays have ___________________ cameras, which makes it even more convenient for the users. (BUILT)

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