CentriQS- the best data management software for small business

It is essential to set up the best data management software for small business,

and doing so has numerous advantages for the expansion of your company’s operations and bottom line. You can create and maintain your own data hub using database software rather than buying a data warehouse and other network technologies.

This allows you to store, manage, operate, and deliver your data effectively and efficiently while also saving you time and money. Database software costs may vary depending on the features, functions, and other advanced features that keep you informed and in charge of your company’s data. And luckily that CentriQS has been as the best data management software for small business.

What is a Data Management Software?

Data management software is a tool that manages data from multiple data sources. With data management software, your business can store and manage big data easily, and use it for reporting and business intelligence.

It is not solely the IT team’s responsibility to manage software information and data. It’s a commercial choice that can advance and help all aspects of your organization. Making the most of your business information therefore requires using these technologies. It gives a safe means for all users to access and use data anytime they want while reducing human error to a minimum.

What is a Data Management Software

Why CentriQS is the best data management software for small business?

1. Overview about CentriQS

CentriQS- the best data management software for small business, provides customized database solutions that support data management and operations. As the name implies, it allows you to efficiently centralize all your company’s data and resources in one location.

Having said that, CentriQS includes what we refer to as small company ERP. The preparation, management, and reporting of your company’s data and resources may be interpreted and sped up with the help of the ERP, which offers a strong combination of various tools and features.

Everything else becomes simpler once you begin developing useful and effective resource planning for your company. All you need to consider is the kind and quantity of resources you will require, whether they are financial or operational.

This makes sure that your company’s overall performance was changed in accordance with the plan you had developed. In this regard, based on the kinds of resources available and their quantities, you can utilize personalized business solutions to ensure more profits and fewer risks.

To that end, the ERP solution makes sure you succeed in your goal. It provides you with the appropriate resources and features you require for this process. It ensures that all information and specifics pertaining to money, resources, and other matters are contained in a single database that is consistently generated and updated.

2. Outstanding Features That CentriQS Offers Include

    Folders: They aid in the systematic organization of your data. For further security and privacy, you can easily apply filters and access authorization to these files.

    Links: It enables you to link together enterprise data, attach links to web pages, and upload and store data to a system with a limited scope.

    Authorizations: Adjustable authorisation controls should be put in place for your team members. Their ability to review data where time and criteria are given is thus limited.

    Notifications: Receive detailed email notifications of any important data update or modification.

    Analytical Charts: It provides you with an enormous selection of chart models to reflect and visualize your business data for effective and sufficient analysis.

    Integrations & APIs: To interface with other IT applications, CentriQS provides APIs. Through the use of an extension, a plugin, or an API (application programming interface/programming interface), these integrations permit, among other things, the connection to a database, the interchange of data, or even the synchronization of files between many computer systems. Our knowledge indicates that the CentriQS software can connect to plugins and APIs.

    Compatibility & Setup: Because CentriQS can be accessed using a web browser, it is compatible with the majority of business information systems as well as the majority of operating systems (OS), including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Chrome and Firefox This software package can also be accessed remotely (at the office, at home, while traveling, etc.) from a variety of mobile devices, including an iPhone (iOS platform), an Android tablet, or a smartphone. It is also likely to have a mobile application that is accessible through the Play Store or App Store. It is essential to have a reliable Internet connection and an up-to-date browser in order to use it.

Templates, layouts, search options, filters, AD Authentication, and security are further features. We should also add pivot tables, which let you analyze your company’s performance and development over time, and RTF Editor, which supports your text formatting preferences.

This database software offers Custom Entities, which you can quickly establish for the various departments and purposes of your organization, like finance, logistics, production, services, and more, when it comes to custom database solutions.

Custom workflow, properties, tables, and enums are further features. On the other hand, the Custom OLAP Cubes guarantee simple data extraction and transfer from one resource into axis tables and analytical visualizations.

What is a Data Management Software

3. The pros and cons of CentriQS


  • A good choice for small- to medium-sized businesses
  • Outstanding and strong characteristics
  • Excellent data personalization and security
  • A software program in its entirety


  • IU can be improved much further.

4. CentriQS Pricing

CentriQS’s pricing is accessible upon request, but it is subject to vary because the publisher software offers a variety of solutions to suit the demands of its users, including the number of licenses, extra features, add-ons, and other options.

The 4 pricing tiers that CentriQS provides are as follows:

  • Monthly pricing for the Task Management package is $4.99.
  • Monthly cost for the basic plan is $349.
  • Typical plan is $699 per month.
  • The $1199/month Ultimate package includes a 20% discount on Database Design.

You must pay an extra $49 per concurrent user for the final 3 pricing tiers.

Most computer publishers either offer a restricted premium edition (certain functionality are inactive) or a free trial version with all features activated but a time limit (often 15 to 30 days) to entice you to buy it.

The professional software publisher frequently provides discount coupons in addition to price breaks based on the quantity of licenses purchased. Additionally, annual subscriptions save money because they are often 10% to 30% less expensive than monthly subscriptions.


As you can probably see by now, the best data management software for small business is essential for both small and large enterprises. It gives you the tools you need to efficiently manage, update, save, and analyze your data.

Depending on your business needs and goals, you can either buy off-the-shelf software and update it with your data with a few simple clicks, or you can create and construct your own database.

Lời kết: Như vậy trên đây là bài viết CentriQS- the best data management software for small business. Hy vọng với bài viết này bạn có thể giúp ích cho bạn trong cuộc sống, hãy luôn theo dõi và đọc những bài viết hay của chúng tôi trên website: Dongnaiart.edu.vn

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