5 Ways to Choose a Free Financial Advisor

Financial advisers assist customers in managing their money and achieving their financial objectives. They can offer a variety of personal finance services, such as investment management, budgeting advice, and estate preparation. Choosing a free financial adviser for your circumstances is critical because it prevents you from paying for healthcare you don’t require or dealing with a consultant who isn’t a suitable fit for your savings plan. Let’s follow us to find out how to find a free financial advisor.

Determine which financial services you require

Determine which financial services you require
Determine which financial services you require

Determine why you are seeking financial assistance by asking the following questions:

  • Do you require budgeting assistance?
  • Do you need assistance with investing?
  • Do you want to make a financial plan?
  • Do you need to update your estate plan or establish a trust?
  • Do you require tax assistance?

Your answers to these questions will help establish the type of free financial advisor you require. If you just need help investing, a robot advisor can do it for you for a small fee. If your financial situation is complicated, you may want to consult a free financial advisor.

Determine which free financial advisors are on your side

Investment advisers, brokers, free financial advisors, financial coaches, and portfolio managers are all titles for financial advisors. There are even money therapists. So, who does what, and who can you rely on?

Because some of the most frequent names used by advisers, such as “financial advisor,” aren’t related to any specific certifications, don’t assume that someone who uses an authoritative title has any special training or credentials.

Anyone who provides investment advice (as most financial advisers do) must be registered as an asset manager with either the Securities and Exchange Commission or the state, based on the number of assets under management. Some financial advisers owe their customers a fiduciary obligation, which means they must operate in their clients’ best interests instead of their own.

Always engage with a professional, registered fiduciary – preferably one who is paying, which means you pay the adviser directly rather than through commissions for selling specific investment or insurance products. As part of their accreditation, certified financial advisers have a fiduciary obligation to their customers.

Consult with a financial planner

Consult with a financial planner
Consult with a financial planner

Every year, a coalition of charitable groups, such as the CFP Board of Standards, which oversees the certified financial planner classification, the Foundation for Financial Planning, and the Financial Planning Association, organize a “financial planning day” where anyone can fulfill with a financial planner.

The event is usually held in October. However, Jon Dauphiné, executive director of the Foundation for Personal Finance, which offers to fund charities that provide financial assistance, believes that in the future, these financial planning days may take place all year. Visit Financial Planning Days to find out when an activity near you will be conducted (the website should be restored for 2016 soon, according to Dauphiné).

According to Paré, obtaining one-on-one guidance suited to your specific circumstance is really valuable. These sessions, however, are short. “If concerns arise after the financial management day, there is no one for the participant to contact without potentially incurring a cost.”

Go to the website of your private pension or brokerage firm

Are you taking use of the retirement planning guidance accessible online? According to a 2015 survey of 367 big businesses offering 401(k), 403(b), and similar plans by consulting company Aon Hewitt, 60% of firms who provide defined-contribution plans give online free financial advisors, and 53% of plans have advice online.

Another alternative is to check into the asset management tools available online if you’re investing through an individual brokerage. While not always advice suited to your individual situation, educating oneself on financial topics will help you manage your own money better.

For example, TD Ameritrade provides nine online courses to its paying customers (each course includes a test at the conclusion) on themes ranging from “introduction to bonds” and “lowering portfolio volatility” to “building your own portfolio” and “managing your own portfolio.” If you are not a subscriber of TD Ameritrade, three of the courses online are free: “building your own portfolio,” “options for income,” and “introduction to futures.”

Investigate local financial-services programs

Investigate local financial-services programs
Investigate local financial-services programs

There are several community-based initiatives around the country that have a free financial advisor in various formats. For example, the San Francisco LGBT Center provides free budgeting and home-buying workshops. EARN, established in San Francisco, works with low-income people to help them begin saving for particular objectives such as purchasing a home, affording a college education, or establishing a company. If you are under financial hardship as a result of a large debt burden, consider visiting a credit counseling organization.


Select the best financial advisor for your fiduciary and financial needs. That being said, if you find the right financial advisor for you, they can help you achieve your financial goals while also providing financial security for your loved ones and their future. Choose a free financial advisor who specializes in the area in which you require assistance.

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