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I. Listen and fill in the blanks:

If you live in an earthquake zone, you should (1) _________ some time to look around your house. Place (2) _______ books on the bottom shelf of your bookshelves. Block the rollers on your fridge and washing machine to prevent them (3) _____ moving. Put hanging potted plants in plastic containers. Check the mirrors in your (4) ______ and bedroom. Make sure they can”t move. Don”t put your bed next to a window. Planning where you are going to be during an (5) _______ is very important. The first thing to remember is to stay inside. (6) _______ you should sit under a strong table or doorway, or stand in the corner of a room.

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II. Chose the best answer:

1. On Easter Day , people crowded the streets to watch colorful ________.a. shows b. parades c. contests d. paradises

2. We are going to ________ the anniversary of our 50th wedding. Please stay and come.

a. welcome b. celebrate c. open d. hold

3. Tet is a festival which _________ in late January or early February.

a. begins b. causes c. carries d. occurs

4. On Passover, Jewish people celebrate freedom ____ slavery.a. on b. to c. for d. from

5. There are lots of parties ___ Christmas.a. in b. at c. on d. for

6. In 1981, a tornado lifted a baby into the air and ____ safely 100 meters away.a. let it off b. put it down c. take it on d. suck it up

7. She”s very kind. She”s always ___ towards her employees.a. distinguished b. proud c. considerate d. happy

8. This letter needs ___ immediately. Will you take care of it?a. to send b. sending c. being sent d. send

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9. He has already been ___ as a candidate.a. called b. nominated c. remembered d. said

10. Most people you meet will be polite to you ___ you are polite to them.a. in case b. only if c. unless d. if

11. Isn”t it time the children ___?a. go to bed b. going bed c. go bed d. went to bed

12. Do you remember the name of the shop __ you bought this dictionary?a. who b. that c. which d. where

13. Mr. Wilson, ____ yesterday, teaches chemistry.a. I met b. whom I met c. that I met d. with who I met

14. The word ___ means “big wind” in Chinese.a. hurricane b. tornado c. typhoon d. tsunami

15. Chocolate and eggs are what children receive _____ Easter. a. at b. on c. in d. with

16. Tet is a good time when family members live ________ get together.

a- on b. at c. apart d. outside

17. Tet is a time for families to clean and ________ their homes

a. cover b. install c. conserve d. decorate

18. Passover, a Jewish festival is celebrated freedom from __________.

a. slavery b. servants c. service d. labor

19. Some people consider Easter a __________ festival rather than a religious festival.

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a. joyful b. joke c. cheer d. happy

20. Passover is also a / an __________ spring festival.

a. ancient b. modern c. new d. disappointed

21. Passover is celebrated in Israel and by all __________ people.

a. English b. Vietnamese c. Japanese d. Jewish

22. Let me congratulate you _____ winning the prize! a. on b. at c. with d. because of

23. It is very nice _________ you to say so. a. at b. of d. on

24. The show raised thousands of dollars for _________.

a. charity programs b. wedding day c. council d. congress

25. My parents’ feelings for me are so strong that the word love can”t _______ them.

a. describe b. compose c. make d. celebrate

26. Children under the age of 4 cannot always ____________ between the truth and a lie.

a.differ b. distinguish c. separate d. sort

27. We think that Mother’s Day should be celebrated _________.

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a. national b. nationality c. nationwide d. nation

28. She is so sad because she is not ___________ with her exam result.

a. considerate b. generous c. satisfied d. terrific

29. Children can”t get to sleep on Christmas Eve because they are too ________.

a. excited b. bored c. interested d. worried

30. Auld Lang Syne is the title of a Scottish song ________ means good time long ago.

a. who b. which c. having d. with

31. Peter, __________ can compose many pieces of music , sings very well.

a. which b. who c. whom d. whose

32. The men and animals ____ you saw on TV are from China. a. who b. whom c. which d. that

33. I saw the boy _______ helped me last week. a. who b. whom c. which d. whose

34. Thuy”s grandma turned the television __ to see the weather forecast.a. off b. up c. on d. down

35. A funnel-shaped storms passing overland below a thunderstorm is called a ___.a. typhoons b. tsunami c. tornado d. hurricane

36. The floods have killed hundreds and made thousands _____.

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a. homely b. homeland c. homeless d. homesick

37. Do you remember Mrs. Lake, ___ taught us English composition?a. who b. whom c. that d. which

38. Is Dr. Brown the person ____ you wish to speak?a. that b. whom c. to who d. to whom

III. Supply the correct form or tense of the verbs:

1. His joke made us _____________ laughing______________a lot. (laugh)

2. I don”t want ______to take_______ care of as if I were a child. (take)

3. They advised him _____not to cross_______ the street against the red lights. (not cross)

4. I”ll have my brother ______repaired________my bicycle. (repair)

5. We _____were looking ______for a cafeteria when we met Sue. (look)

6. My father _______have already been_________to Ha Not many times. (already/ be)

7. She wishes she ______could________take part in the game. (can)

8. Do you have any difficulty in ____solving________this problem? (solve)

9. It started to rain while you_____was sleeping________(sleep).

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10. He said that he _____has lost_________his bicycle the day before. (lose)

11. I didn”t feel like ______working _______so I suggested _____spending______ (spend) the day in the park. (work)

12. I wish Mom _____was________here with us now. (be)

13. This dress will make you _______look_______fat. (look)

IV. Supply the correct form of the word:

The ______ colored_______Easter Parade has become a popular tradition for Easter Sunday in New York. ( color)Children have too much ______free time_______these days. (free)When work is pleasure, life is joy. When work is duty, life is ____slavery________. (slave)One of the most important ______ celebration_____ for Vietnamese people is Tet. (celebrate)New Year’s day is a national ____festival ______ , so people don’t have to work. (festive)You’ve passed your driving test? ______ Congratulation________ ! ( Congratulate)He has been nominated as the most effective ___activities____in the town charity program.(act)They often take part in charity _____activity______ organized by the church. (act)Thank you very much for all your_____kind______ . (kind)The streets are filled with _____joyful______ atmosphere when Christmas Day comes. (joy)People sang Auld Language Syne ___ joyfully____ on New Year’s Eve. (joy)He is very ____consideration____ towards his friends- he always tries to help if one of them has a problem. ( consider)It’s very ____considered___ of you. You should care about the feelings of others. (considerate)His ____ description_____ of the events leading up to the accident is unclear. (describe)I have still not received a ____ satisfied_____ answer to my question. (satisfy)Many people consider Mozart to be the greatest ______ composer_______ who ever lived. (compose)His failure was ________ predictive______, given his poor study habits. (predict)Our ______ prediction_________ turns out to be correct, (predict)Smoking is _______ damaging________ to your health, (damage)___________Unluckily________,the typhoon didn”t cause any damage on the village, (lucky)A tidal wave brings death and ___________ destruction________in its wake. (destroy)Their stated aim was to free women from domestic ________ slavery ___________ (slave)It was the biggest _______eruption____________of Vesuvius for some years, (erupt)The buildings were ______ extended_________ damaged by the fire. (extend)I hope you will join in the Christmas _______ celebration________. (celebrate)

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