Top 10 Largest Library In The World

Top 10 Largest Library In The World. If you’re a big reader, you might have the emotion that your own bookshelf doesn’t have enough space to hold all the books you want. Alternatively, you may believe that you never have enough books, or that your local public libraries do not have enough books and other reading materials to truly satisfy your bookworm desires.

So look no further! If you’ve ever wondered where you could go to hide away as well as gain access to some of the most sought-after manuscripts, books, and literary artifacts in the world, we have you covered with ten of the Largest Library In The World!

National Library of China – China

National Library of China
National Library of China

Largest Library In The World: The National Library of China houses over 37.7 million items and is staffed by 1.5 thousand people! This library contains a wide range of history and literature from China’s ancient dynasties, from the Southern Song Dynasty of the 13th century to collections from the Ming and Qing dynasties of the 17th century. Writings from hundreds of years ago can be found in a variety of languages as well as formats.

This library is divided into four complexes where you can find information as well as reading material. The best part is that the National Library of China is a public library, so these manuscripts and sources of information are open to the public!

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National Library of France – France

The National Library of France receives approximately 1.5 million tourists per year and houses over 40 million items, both physical and digital! The structure itself is quite historic, dating back to the 14th century as just a library for French monarchs as well as royalty before opening to the public in the 17th century!

As a prominent structure in French history, the library also houses a large number of manuscripts as well as historical collections, including everything published in France. During French Revolution, the Library confronted the risk and threat of material destruction, but luckily did not suffer any loss, which is fortunate given that it is now one of the world’s largest libraries!

Royal Library – Denmark

The University of Copenhagen owns the Royal Library, the largest library in the Nordic countries, with over 42.5 physical items, not even including digital! The library houses a wide range of historical documents, as well as a copy of every printed work published in Denmark since the 1600s! There is also a vast selection of donations and information about the library’s five different locations.

Its vast collection of reading material, artifacts, and manuscripts on the other hand is restricted to people over the age of 18, with specific cases for access to its reading material and rules for use and connection directly to its valuables.

National Diet Library – Japan

National Diet Library - Japan
National Diet Library – Japan

The National Diet Library, which opened in 1948, houses over 44.1 million items, including research materials for Japan’s National Diet. Consider the Library of Congress in the United States. The national library of Japan has two main infrastructures in Kyoto and Tokyo, but it also has numerous branches throughout the country.

It has copies of every Japanese publication and extensive collections on a broad variety of subjects as well as languages. The Diet Library system is recognized as an essential aspect of Japan’s postwar democratization.

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Russian State Library – Russia

With over 47.5 million items, the Russian State Library is Russia’s largest library, one of the Largest Library In The World! The library is legally classified as a related legal library, and it contains copies of every book published in the USSR. The Library, which was constructed in the 1860s, went through several name changes.

It was originally recognized as Moscow’s 1st free public library, The Library of the Moscow Public Museum & Rumiantsev Museum; or, for a shorter name, The Rumiantsev Library, or, more colloquially, Lenka. We identified it as the V.I. Lenin State Library of the USSR beginning in 1925, but it was not named the Russian State Library till 1992 by President Boris Yeltsin!

Library and Archives Canada – Canada

Largest Library In The World: The Library and Archives Canada, also known as the LAC, has been visited over 54 million different ways as a Canadian federal entity charged with preserving and making accessible the country’s documentary heritage! It is a relatively new institution, having been founded less than two decades ago in 2004, but it includes more than a petabyte of digital information and documents!

The LAC’s established purpose since its inception has been to preserve Canada’s documentary legacy for future and current generations as a source of knowledge and information for the public, as well as to continue the Canadian government’s memory.

New York Public Library – United States

New York Public Library - United States
New York Public Library – United States

As a non-profit private entity that relies on both private and public funding, the New York Public Library, established in 1895, houses over 55 million items! The library was started by a group of book-loving philanthropists who desired to increase literacy and knowledge in their time. We now possess one of the world’s largest libraries as a result of their efforts!

When we consider the New York Public Library, we think of its Main Branch (the one with the two lions, Patience and Fortitude, in front!) which is not only a New York City Landmark but as well as a National Historic Landmark!

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Shanghai Library – China

The Shanghai Library was founded in 1847 as the Bibliotheca-Ka-Wei and is now a part of the bigger Shanghai Library system, which houses over 56 million items! The Shanghai Library is not only one of the top 3 Largest Library In The World in terms of collection, but it is also the second tallest, standing at more than 24 stories!

During the twentieth century, the institution acquired a large volume of learning books as well as manuscripts through scholarly donations as well as funding to obtain materials abroad. It is Shanghai’s municipal library, as well as the Shanghai Institute of Technical and Scientific Information!

Library of Congress – USA

The Library of Congress, the oldest national cultural institution in the United States, was founded over 200 years ago and now houses over 170 million items! The library has 3 different buildings in Washington, D.C., as well as one in Virginia, and its materials are available in over 470 languages. But did you know that the library once contained a lot more books?

The British destroyed the majority of its initial collection of documents and materials during the War of 1812, but it was rebuilt thanks to the purchase of Thomas Jefferson’s personal collection. The library appears to be prone to fires; since it burned again in 1851, donations, as well as funds, have helped keep the library resources growing to become one of the world’s largest!

Although the library is open to the public and allows access to research, the only people who can check out materials as well as carry them outside the premises are high-ranking members of the government and institution employees.

British Library – United Kingdom

The British Library in London has the Largest Library In The World collection, with between 170 and 200 million items! It is known for its history and architecture, and it houses copies of every book published in the UK and Ireland, in multiple languages as well as formats in print and digital. Until 1973, this gathering of materials as well as books was housed in the British Museum.

As a research library, the Library also houses scripts, maps, databases, and other materials in addition to its comprehensive book collection. Every year, approximately 3 million new reading items are added to the British Library!


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